Friday, 4 February 2011

Material Practice, Form Follows Feeling.

Observational Drawing, Form Follows Feeling.

"Explosions" Brainstorm, Form Follows Feeling.

"Explosions" Idea, Form Follows Feeling.

"Explosions" Maquette, Form Follows Feeling.

"Nostalgia" Maquette, Forms Follow Feeling.

Jewellery Maquettes, Complimentary Objects.

Bracelet Process Worksheet, Complimentary Objects.

Life Drawing-Stick and Ink.

Life Drawing-3 Shades, Soft Pastel.

Life Drawing-Collage.

Life Drawing-Charcoal and Rubber.

I believe that the work I have submitted shows of a range of styles of art and medium. It shows that I like to experiment and am willing to try new ways of drawing. The pieces I have chosen demonstrate numerous stages in a design process, such as initial ideas, maquettes, development and final outcomes. I have used a variety of materials including cardboard, charcoal, clay, ink, wire and newspaper, creating different manners of art and exploring different artist’s work. By taking what I have learnt into consideration, I feel I have created a blog that portrays a suitable diversity of work.

Since attending Liverpool Community College, I have gained new skills, such as pot-spinning and Life Drawing, as well as developing on the skills I already had, for example instead of drawing just on paper, I am now able to use Google Sketch-Up. By furthering my education, I hope to expand my artistic skills even further, specialising in Interior Design. I have always wanted to be an Interior Designer as I have always loved the design process, after seeing my family design their entire house, inside and out and from seeing their design become a reality, I knew it was what I wanted to do also.

I love to make and design objects, and I’m drawing all the time. I am hard working, committed and very passionate about Interior Design and enthusiastic about the prospect of attending university to study this course.

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